About Us

A Glimpse of Me wants to help mothers and fathers see their babies before they get born into the world.

A Glimpse of Me

We want to see your reactions and allow you to treasure the first image of your precious baby. Our team cares for the safety of both you and your child by only using safe and approved equipment for ultrasound purposes. In addition, we want you to feel the convenience of our services by offering different in-home and mobile ultrasound services. Do not hesitate to contact A Glimpse of Me and see the baby you love and nurtured today!

Gender Reveal Party

Finding out the gender of your baby is exciting, but it is even more exciting to share your reveal with all your friends and family. A Glimpse of Me also assists in planning gender...

Baby Showers

Whether it is your first time carrying a child or you have gone through the process, helping you through thick and thin is a beautiful blessing. A Glimpse of Me will gladly assist in baby...

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